Database tables and columns

Since tables are sorted alphabetically in phpmyadmin, sort them here alphabetically:


  • decribes who fetches when where and if confirmed
  • confirmed 1, not yet confirmed 0


Contains information about regurlary reoccuring pickup slots. Additional single pickup slots are stored in #TODO: find table. The columns to be described are

column description possible values
dow day of week 1 = Monday, 0 = Sunday
time when on the day the pickup is time
fetcher number of slots >= 0, >= 1 enforced by frontend


describes the regions

  • type: description in src\Modules\Core\DBConstants\Region\Type


  • deleted_at: deletion day of account, if NULL, account is active


describes which foodsaver is in which workgroups and regions

anything with theme

theme are threads in the forum.

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