MySQL database

The MySQL database saves data on a hard drive. It holds all long-term information. Querying information is done via sql in Model.php and Gateway.php classes. More detailed information about queries can be found in the php reference.

Related issue: Extract SQL Statements To Gateways.

Redis database

The Redis database saves data in memory. It holds all short-term information and caches some of the information gotten from the MySQL database. Information in Redis include session IDs (Who is loged in?), and email queues.

Database Migration

If your code change requires customization of the database, create a file migrations/incremental...sql with the SQL statements without the "commit" command.

For example: migrations/incremental-20161101-remove-autokennzeichen.sql DROP TABLE fs_autokennzeichen; ALTER TABLE fs_foodsaver DROP COLUMN autokennzeichen_id; ALTER TABLE fs_foodsaver_archive DROP COLUMN autokennzeichen_id;

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