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Returns the list of store chains.

Returns the list of store chains.



Schema array
  • id Unique identifier of the chain.
  • name Name of the chain.
  • status Indicates the cooperation status of this chain.

    Possible values: [0, 1, 2]

    • '0' - Not Cooperating
    • '1' - Waiting, i.e. in negotiation
    • '2' - Cooperating.
  • headquarters_zip ZIP code of the chains headquater.
  • headquarters_city City of the chains headquater.
  • modification_date date-time
  • allow_press Whether the chain can be referred to in press releases.
  • forum_thread Identifier of a forum thread related to this chain.
  • notes Miscellaneous notes.
  • common_store_information Information about the chain to be displayed on every related stores page.
  • store_count The number of stores that are part of this chain.
  • kams object[]

    Managers of this chain

  • id Unique identifier of the foodsaver.
  • name Name of the Foodsaver.

    Might include the last name.

  • avatar URL of the foodsavers avatar image.