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English termGerman termabbreviationdescription
pick-up rateAbholquoteThe pick-up rate is visible internally for all users in the profile and represents the reliability of the food saver. In the case of not showing up for a registered pick-up and notification of this violation, the pick-up rate drops.
pick-up timeAbholungAppointment at which foodsavers will pick up food at a store.
working groupsArbeitsgruppenAGTaking care of specific tasks within foodsharing. They can be supraregional (eg AG Wiki, AG Quiz, AG graphic files), but also exist in federal states and local regions.
storeBetriebPlace where food is sold (eg a supermarket, a bakery, a restaurant, a farm, a canteen, a stall at a weekly market or hustle and bustle, a central warehouse) and which is or was intended for cooperation.
operating chainBetriebsketteBusiness structure with more than 3 companies. Chains and relevant branches are only addressed in consultation with the respective Key Account Manager or the company chain group.
store pageBetriebsseitePage on the foodsharing platform for a particular cooperation. Are all essential arrangements and information about a company are there. It is visible to all food servers of the company and the ambassadors.
store managersBetriebsverantwortlicheBV (BIEB)Is responsible for a cooperation.
regionBezirkSmallest organizational unit for foodsavers and cooperations; responsible for all cooperations with companies located in the region. Foodsharepoints are assigned to a region. A region is organized by one or more ambassadors and may include one or more cities, counties or parts thereof. Also states are (higher) regions.
AmbassadorBotschafter*inAMB / BOTCoordinates all affairs of a region (ie also of a federal state or state): Foodsaver, cooperations, pick-ups, meetings, fair-Teiler; usually also events, press etc.
introductory pickupEinf├╝hrungsabholungEARequirement for receiving the foodsaver pass (at least 3 EA) ffter passing the quiz. The purpose of this course is to get acquainted with the progress of pick-ups in practice, to clarify open questions, and to check compliance with the rules of conduct.
food basketEssenskorbAnyone can set up food baskets on the online platform to offer food for free distribution to other foodsharers or food savers.
FoodsharepointFairteilerFTPlace where all people (even without registration on can bring food for free and pick up.
FoodsaverFSUser on the online platform, who has passed the Foodsaver-Quiz and is allowed to pick up groceries at cooperative companies.
FoodsharerFShUsers on the online platform. Can offer or pick up food baskets and use foodsharepoints.
key account managerKAMNegotiated with an operating chain and represents our "face" for this chain. Communicates information between the operators and the chain.
FoodLebensmittelLMEverything that nourishes people physically.
local report groupLokale MeldegruppeLMGEdits reports of rule violations for a region.
Mediation teamMediationsgruppeMTCan be consulted between people to help start a communication and resolve a underlying conflict.
(local) arbitration board(lokale) SchiedstelleLSAppeals against decisions on reports of rule violations. Decides on deletion of contributions in the region's forum.
rule violationRegelverletzungMRRule violation messages are an important tool to address problems, inconsistencies and misunderstandings before they escalate into bigger conflicts. It is always preferred to first resolve things personally if it is possible.
MumbleSpeech conference software for foodsharing conference calls on foodsharing's own Mumble server (open source, IP telephony).
quizA prerequisite for becoming a foodsaver, company manager or ambassador. There is one quiz for each of these roles.
legal agreementRechtsvereinbarungA statement accepted by all the foodsavers, which contains, among other things, legal requirements for the distribution of food to private persons and releases the companies from their liability for food-to-food products.
sleepyheadSchlafm├╝tzeVirtual sign of a foodsaver that he is currently not or little active. It can be changed in your own profile.
verificationVerifizierungThe process of activating as foodsaver, which includes passing the foodsaver-quiz, introductory pickups, checking the personal data, and issuing of the foodsaver-passport
trust bananaVertrauensbananeOn the foodsharing platform, a banana can be given by every user to every other user. It should only be given if one considers someone to be completely trustworthy as a food-saver and he / she adheres to all rules of conduct.