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Version: 2022-05__Heidelbeere

How to report an issue

Let's suppose that you want to report a simple issue:

  • go to our public gitlab issues list
  • register/sign into gitlab
  • IMPORTANT: please search if the issue was reported before. Perhaps try multiple different wordings
  • click on New Issue
  • IMPORTANT: choose the appropriate template (bug or feature), through the menu next to the Title field
  • IMPORTANT: promise now that you will read through the template and then really read through the template :)
  • fill out the template and submit your issue

If you are not sure if the issue is worth reporting or if you have questions join our slack channel:

How to fix an issue

You already know how to report an issue and now you want to fix one? Great! This is very much appreciated! Let's assume that you noticed that the event invitations do not create any email notification to the invitees.

Being the responsible and awesome developer you are, you searched through the previous issues and found issue 89 which proposes to "create e-mails for invites". Do not bother to create an issue for very small changes, e.g. doc fixes and typos.

  • check the comments (if there are any). Perhaps someone is already working on this issue or added some useful info
  • (only once:) At this point, you have to join our slack channel: so that we can grant you access to the foodsharing source code.
  • (only once:) the git repository and follow the instructions for a local installation
  • Best practice is to create a new designated branch and reference the issue for your changes.
    • In our case, you create the branch for the ticket number 89 with the Git command git checkout -b 89-create-emails-for-invitations.
    • Optionally, add your GitLab handle or real name: 89-inktrap-create-emails-for-invitations
  • make the edits only in your new branch. Preferably commit in smaller intervals so that we can keep track of the progress and see what's happening.
  • Ensure the tests pass locally by calling ./scripts/test.
  • create a MR. If your change requires multiple commits or is bigger, add the Draft: prefix to the name of the MR
  • Wait. Somebody will ask you some questions, and if everything goes well, will approve your merge request.

Congratulations! You just contributed to foodsharing and made a good community better!