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Version: 2022-05__Heidelbeere

foodsharing light and API

Note these are not being actively developed right now If you are new to slack you can jump right in or read some introduction first.

If you want to include the new Django API and the foodsharing light frontend, then:

# you may have "api" and "light" directories already present, if so remove them first
git clone light
git clone api

Then visit localhost:18082 for fs light frontend and localhost:18000/docs/ for the API swagger view.

You can run the foodsharing light frontend tests and run tests on change with:

./scripts/docker-compose run light sh -c "xvfb-run npm run test:watch -- --browsers Firefox"

You can run the api tests with:

./scripts/docker-compose run api env/bin/python test

When you update or change the Django API so that it would need to run pip-sync or apply migrations, this can be done with:

./scripts/docker-compose restart api