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Version: 2022-05__Heidelbeere


Javascript is code that is run in the browser of the client.

For every page (module), the main javascript file is found under /src/Modules/<modulename>/...js. This is automatically sent to the client. All other javascript (should) be found under /client.


Javascript has different ways of using (importing) code from other files. We use npm, the standard package manager for javascript.

All used third-party-packages are listed under /client/package.json. For using a package, we use the import command at beginnings of files. During build of the webpage the imports are resolved (see webpack) and only what is necessary is sent to the user.

To enable small bits of javacode somewhere (inline), there is /client/src/globals.js. There a bunch of functions are made avaiable globally. This is imported in the main module js-files via import '@/core' and import '@/globals'.


The javascript files are not directly sent to the client but preprocessed by webpack. Webpack is configured via /client/webpack.base.js. For example this includes the alias that translate @ in imports into /client/src.


The modern way of designing front end pages is vue.js. We try to use more of it do get more order into javascript files. The big advantage is, that html, javascript and css are clearly separated. One example is /client/src/components/Topbar/Login.vue. Before diving into happy vue.js-hacking you probably should read a bit in the vue documentation.