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Version: 2023-09__Jackfruit

Update dependencies


Every Sunday a schedules pipeline "send outdated dependency report to slack" is started and the result can be read in the channel #fs-outdated.

Update from backend using Composer

Manually check the version

./scripts/composer outdated -D Restricts the list of packages to your direct dependencies

The color coding is as such:

green (=): Dependency is in the latest version and is up to date.
yellow (~): Dependency has a new version available that includes backwards compatibility breaks according to semver, so upgrade when you can but it may involve work.
red (!): Dependency has a new version that is semver-compatible and you should upgrade it.

Structure and explanation of version numbers

  • 0.x.x is a beta version. Here every change can contain ``Breaking Changes''.

│ │ │
│ │ └───────── Patch (contains mostly bug fixes)
│ └─────────── Minor version (mostly functional extension)
└───────────── Major version (mostly significant change)


  • Don't mix dev dependencies with dependencies in a commit
  • ~ instead of ^ to have similar systems between server and dev computer and to avoid big unwanted changes during yarn update
  • only run yarn update if there are only outdated packages with explicit version information
  • If you don't know what belongs together, then update only one package per commit.
  • Major updates are best done in your own MR with changelog entry.


  • Change of version number in composer.json

./scripts/composer update PACKAGENAME* --with-dependencies