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Version: 2023-09__Jackfruit

IDE Setup

php Code style

We use php-cs-fixer to format the code style. The aim is to make it use the same style as phpstorm does by default. The fixer is based on the @Symfony ruleset, with a few changes.

To format all files, you can run:

vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix --show-progress=estimating --verbose

For convenience, you can and should add the code style fix as a pre-commit hook. So you will never commit/push any PHP code that does not follow the code style rules.

There are two possibilities:

Using local PHP

When PHP >= 7.0 is installed locally and the vendor folder is in place (by having used the automated tests or the dev environment), you can use your computers PHP to check/fix the codestyle, as this is the fastest option:


Adding this to .git/hooks/pre-commit could look like that:

HASH_BEFORE=$(git diff | sha1sum)
# or use
# vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix --show-progress=estimating --verbose
# or
# ./scripts/fix
# if the -local script throws an error
HASH_AFTER=$(git diff | sha1sum)

if test "$HASH_AFTER" != "$HASH_BEFORE" ; then
echo "PHP Codestyle was fixed. Please read the changes and retry commit."
exit 1;

Using docker PHP

Executing the following script will use the dev environment to run the codestyle check. As it currently always runs a new container using docker-compose, it will take some seconds to execute:


Using PHPstorm

If you happen to use PHPstorm you can add php-cs-fixer to those settings as well: PHPstorm enable php-cs-fixer PHPstorm inspections

Using VSCode

You can use the php cs fixer Extension. It should work right after a restart. To fix a file right click on it and select

VSCode PHP CS Fixer dialog

You can even configure it to fix your code style after saving a file under: Settings>PHP CS Fixer>Execute PHP CS Fixer on save for not commiting any non-fixed code.

Note: You need PHP installed locally for this.


Depending on your editor you need to do nothing or install or configure a plugin to use the file .editorconfig. Please refer to the section about Code style.