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Version: 2023-09__Jackfruit

Workflow for Merge requests


In order to use our scarce and precious time efficiently, it is advantageous to work in a structured and uniform manner. This also applies to the creation of questions and merge requests. The document describes the way and the basic conditions. For the detailed implementation of individual parts see the corresponding chapters.


An issue should be created in advance for each change to the project. Assign a user or yourself to the issue to show other developers that the issue is already being worked on.

See also How to report an issue


The best way is to create a new branch from the current master branch and reference the output for your changes. The branch name contains the issues number and describes what the branch contains.


git checkout master
git pull --rebase
git checkout -b 89-create-emails-for-invitations

or with GitLab handle

git checkout master
git pull --rebase
git checkout -b 89-inktrap-create-emails-for-invitations

See also How to fix an issue


Better create multiple commits but smaller and clearer. Give this a meaningful description of what or why something was changed, added or removed.

Before you push a commit the following points should be done

  • check for code and style errors ./scripts/lint see also Scripts
  • check if the tests run without errors ./scripts/test see also Testing and Scripts

Merge Request

A merge request is not created until it is ready for a code review. If this results in larger or longer lasting changes, the merge request is set to draft. Requests that have no activity for over a month without justification should be closed and the assignment to the associated issues removed from the user.

See also Creating merge request

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