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Version: 2024-01__Kiwi


Playwright: Automated Browser Testing


  1. Install NodeJS (
  2. Change to Playwright directory cd tests/e2e
  3. Install Playwright npm ci && npx playwright install --with-deps


Run npx playwright [options] [command] e.g. npx playwright test

More on

Docker setup

Playwright only supports Ubuntu. To support all os, use we the original docker image in server mode. The local scripts use playwright as a client and connect to the docker container via websocket port 3005.

You can find the commands in scripts commands


Husky, ESLint, and Prettier

We use a combination of Husky, ESLint, and Prettier within our repository to enforce consistent coding practices. Husky is a tool that installs a pre-commit hook to run the linter before each commit attempt. To install the pre-commit hook, run the following command:

npm run prepare

If needed, you can still bypass the commit hook by passing --no-verify in your git commit message.