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A lot of code is sorted into modules in the /src/Modules directory. This is a sorting by topic: each module contains files for one topic. That can be a gateway, a controller, an (old) view, javascript, css, (old) XHR, (old) models.

The Rest api controllers do not go into their respective module directory but into the /src/RestApi directory. This does not have a good reason but it's the way it is now.

Deprecated module structure

Since legacy code is still widespread through the repository it is important to understand it, too.

The (php) code is roughly structured with Model - View - Controller.

The communication with the database is found in Model classes. For example we can find sql-commands to manipulate a foodsaver in /src/Modules/Foodsaver/FoodsaverModel.php. Those are executed with the functions inherited from the Db class (see use Foodsharing\Lib\Db\Db;, for example $this->q(...) where q stands for query.

Newer module structure

Instead of Model classes, that hold both, data query logic and domain logic, we move towards splitting these up into Gateway classes and Transaction classes.

For a general description what „domain logic“ is, see section Transactions.

Note that all of the following guidelines have a lot of exceptions in the existing code. Nevertheless try to heed the following guidelines in code you write and refactor.